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World Heart Day

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Care for your heart and it will take care of you for the rest of your life.

On the occasion of World Heart Day, Sir H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre wishes you a Healthy Heart & a Happy Life. We care for your heart – which is why we want you as well as your family members to get screened for cardiac health.

Below is a list of some of the questions we received from people like you and the answers posted by our expert team of Cardiologists and Cardiac Surgeons.

  • How helpful are workouts and walks for healthy heart.

    thank you for your query. Workouts and walks are very important exercise for heart. Brisk walking for 40 mints a day for 5 days in a week is considered one of the best exercise for heart. This increases the heart rate and causes blood vessels to expand which increases the blood supply to heart. There are lot of other benefits of brisk walking. I would suggest you to keep walking and doing workouts and keep your heart healthy.

    I hv done angioplasty last year .Otherwise everything has come to normal but I m feeling weak and my hair is falling a lot..plz could tell me why . Tx

    I would like to ask if artichokes are good for the heart ? Thanks

    I would like to ask if continuous heartburn or gases can cause heart attack?

    Does the pulse you feel within your pressure points (wrist, back of knee, under ear/neck) happen simultaneously with your heart beat, or is it a delayed reaction from the previous heart beat?

    Is there anything to do to prevent heart disease?

    What’s ideal heart rate?

    I am 40. Have a sedentary lifestyle though am healthy. What precautions should I take in my diet?

    My heart is weak, 15 days ago my doctor did 2D echo, the result was my heart pumping 25 percent only what can I do?

    In case of blockage, bypass surgery is better or angioplasty? which is long lasting?

    Please share about Autoimmune Diseases with regards to Cardiac Care / Hypertension.

    Why heart specialists, who advises patients to keep their tummies thin, are themselves obese... and some of them had death at earliar age..why most of them are bad roadmodel.. except dr Ashish?

    Is a second open heart surgery needed after few years of the first one?

    My husband has gone for angioplasty 3 months back..3 stents...pls let me know how to keep his heart healthy and also his hdl has come low..to increase good cholesterol what to do?

    What is heart problem?

    How does heart problem occur?

    Risk factors are modifiable and non-modifiable

    • Non modifiable: Male sex, increasing age, family history of heart disease.
    • Modifiable risk factors: Smoking, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, higher BMI

    What treatments do I need? What are the side effects?

    • Depending on the type of problem and severity of the problem the treatment would differ.
    • It could be life style changes, medication or procedures like angioplasties, heart surgeries, pacemakers, etc.

    What should I do if my symptoms get worse quickly?

    Take rest. Stop doing what you are doing. Ask for help. Consult the nearest cardiac centre/ cardiologist ASAP.

    What can I do to prevent this from getting worse or having a heart problem again?

    • Life style changes
    • Regular medications
    • Regular follow up with a cardiologist

    How will this affect my activities, such as having sex, working, or caring for my children or grandchildren?

    If the treatment restores your heart function to normal or near normal, you can carry on these activities unless you don’t develop any symptoms during these activities. If there is a damage to the heart function, the level of activities will depend on the severity of the damage. You need to consult your cardiologist for the same.

    Does smoking increase your risk of heart disease?

    Is hypothyroidism a risk factor?

    Hypothyroidism can affect the muscles of the heart.

    Are birth control pills a contributor to heart disease?


    Is heart disease hereditary?

    Some diseases, not all, are hereditary.

    Is heart disease an irreversible condition?

    If the damage to the heart muscles is permanent, then it is irreversible. But if the treatment is taken before the permanent damage, the function of the heart can be restored.

    What changes in diet do you recommend?

    Low fat, low salt diet, plenty of fruits (if there is no diabetes) and vegetables (5 portions a day).

    Do most overweight people develop heart disease?

    Can stress cause heart disease?

    Prolonged stress can cause heart disease.

    What are the warning signs of heart disease?

    Chest pain/heaviness/tightness/discomfort/pressure on exertion, breathless on exertion, profuse sweating, unusual tiredness etc.



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