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  • The IP billing department will be functional 24/7.
  • Charges for all in-patients will be as per the bed type selected.
  • All bed charging in inpatient will include accommodation, patient food charges and access to facilities as specified as per bed type, however would exclude Dietician visit, Doctors fees, Physiotherapy charges etc.
  • Statement of Accounts (SOA) will be available on a real time basis at all Patient Experience Desks & Kiosks.
  • Emergency charge @1.5 times of the regular rate will be applicable for any procedure / doctor’s visits done on Sundays / Hospital holidays / after working hours (8 pm to 8 am) of respective departments / on an emergency basis.
  • All international patients will be charged as per the prevailing international tariff.
  • All patients will be able to downgrade and upgrade the room type on request & availability. Any down gradation will come into effect from the day down gradation is requested which means that the rate of lower bed type will be applicable from allotment day. However, any up gradation request shall have all rates hiked to the upgraded class from day 1 of admission. Kindly co-ordinate with Patient Experience counters for details.