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Discharge & Billing
  • Discharge process is initiated by your primary doctor.
  • Bed charges for all admissions will be calculated based on check-in and check-out time of 11:00 am.
  • Charges for all in-patients will be as per the bed type selected.
  • Room charges are inclusive of bed charges, patient meals, nursing care and care by resident doctors.
  • Any bed that has been occupied for more than 6 hrs. will incur full day charges. Likewise, any bed occupied for less than 6 hrs. will charged for half day charges.
  • Full day charges are applicable for discharge beyond 5pm.
  • Incase you are availing cashless facility, kindly allow additional 3-4hrs for your insurance to provide a final approval on discharge.
  • Floor Patient Experience staff stationed at every floor (9:30am-6pm) to assist you for any billing queries. The Patient Experience staff will provide you with a Statement of Accounts (SOA) will be every 72hrs and assist in collecting due payments from time to time.
  • Discharge process between 09:30am to 6pm will be facilitated in your room by our Your final bill and all related documents will be handed over to you in your room, prior to your discharge Patient Experience staff
  • Emergency charge @1.5 times of the regular rate will be applicable for any procedure / doctor’s visits done on Sundays / Hospital holidays / after working hours (8 pm to 8 am) of respective departments / on an emergency basis.
  • Upgradation and Downgradation requests need to be registered with Patient Experience staff.
  • Downgraded rates will be applicable from allotment date. Upgradation will be applicable from the date of admission.
  • All international patients (Not Holding Indian Passport) will be charged as per the prevailing international tariff.
  • Refund above Rs. 20000/- will be through Electronic Transfer/ NEFT, within 48 hours. Kindly submit cancelled cheque in the name of patient or registered next of kin, prior to discharge. Refund will be in name of patient only. In case it is to be done in the name of legal heir (Mother/Father/Children/Spouse) then copy of Adhaar card, relationship proof & cancelled cheque are required
  • Security Deposit (incase of Insurance cases), will be refunded post receipt of final approval amount from your Insurance company. Security Deposit (in case of Insurance cases), will be refunded post receipt of final settlement amount and after the adjustments against deductions (as per terms of the policy), if any
  • In case of foreign refund beneficiary has to bear the currency conversion charges along with other bank charges and applicable taxes.
  • As per ministry of finance notification on 03/2022 dated 13th July 2022, room charges exceeding 5000/-per day (non ICU), person receiving healthcare services, GST @ 5% will be applicable. Accordingly 5% GST shall be charged on the applicable bed charges over and above presented SOC of bed charges.
  • Please download the JioHealthHub app to access to all your health records, reports and latest health updates.
  • You can book your follow up OPD appointment in the JioHealthHub app.
  • We take pride in serving you. Giving tips is prohibited.



Instructions for Patient availing Cashless facility through Insurance
  • The difference between final approved amount and final bill amount is payable by the patient.
  • Non-Medical items excluded as per IRDA guidelines, Co-Payment, bed eligibility related proportionate deductions and other deductions as per individual are payable by the patient (Irrespective of Final approved amount.)
  • 10% of final approved amount will be collected as security deposit which will be adjustable against any short payment made by the TPA at the time of final settlement/payment.
  • In case of denial, entire payment will have to be settled at discharge. Hospital will not be responsible for any cashless denials/deductions.
  • In case of any surgical/cardiac procedures patient needs to deposit the estimated amount till the time we do not receive the approval from TPA
  • Security deposit will be refunded ONLY after receipt of Final Approved amount ALONG with settlement letter from the TPA/Insurance Co. In case the deduction is more than security deposit then the balance amount is payable by the patient.


*In case of foreign refund beneficiary has to bear the currency conversion charges along with other bank charges and applicable taxes.



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