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Movement Disorder Clinic

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Very few Centres in the city of Mumbai, have a specialized clinic like this, with even fewer offering botulinum toxin therapy at a reasonable cost. RFH offers patients the opportunity to meet experts in the field and avail world class technology to diagnose, treat & rehabilitate patients with Parkinson’s disease & movement disorders.

  • What is Movement Disorder Clinic?

    It is a specialized clinic for people with neurological problems resulting in movement disorders. These include problems with too much movement (E.g. tremor, myoclonus, dystonia, tics, ataxia etc.) or too little movement (E.g. Parkinson’s Disease). The Clinic offers comprehensive assessment and care plan for these patients, including Neurology consultations, Botulinum toxin therapy, physical & cognitive rehabilitation and psychotherapy.

    What is the need for such a clinic?

    It will offer under one roof, a complete assessment and care of a patient with movement disorder, including botulinum toxin therapy.

    What is the magnitude of the problem?

    A Movement disorders are common and account for 3-8 % of neurological disorders. At any given time in a Neurology service of a hospital in India 20 % of patients are of movement disorders. Parkinsonism (24%) is the commonest, followed by tremors (5%), & other movement disorders (4%).


Partners in care

Dr. Manish A. Chhabria

Dr. Manish A. Chhabria
MBBS (Mumbai), DNB (Medicine), DNB (Neurology), MNAMS (Neurology)
Call us Call us on 022-61305000



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