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To deliver safe, affordable & quality healthcare by using international evidence-based practices through highly skilled healthcare professionals, well trained staff and advance technology, to all sections of society.


The Hospital will bring a paradigm shift in the way healthcare is delivered in India in step with global best practices and emerge as a world class healthcare facility.

Patient Rights:
  • To receive care in a safe and clean environment regardless of age, gender, race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, disability or manner of payment.
  • To receive considerate and respectful care, that supports personal dignity and is free from all forms of abuse, neglect or harassment.
  • To be respected for special preferences, personal values and beliefs, spiritual and cultural needs.
  • To seek an additional opinion within or outside hospital regarding clinical care without any fear of compromise to his / her care.
  • To expect full protection of privacy and personal dignity during examination, procedures and treatment.
  • To decide what information regarding their care shall be provided to family / others, and under what circumstances.
  • To receive appropriate assessment and effective management of pain pertinent to the medical condition.
  • To receive respectful and compassionate care at the end of life.
  • To expect confidentiality of the health information is maintained except for those required by laws and regulations.
  • To be informed by your doctor of the risks, benefits and alternatives, expected outcomes of proposed care and treatment.
  • To knowledgeably refuse any care, diagnostic procedure and treatment after the consequences of refusal have been explained.
  • To give informed consent before transfusion of blood & blood components, anaesthesia, surgery, initiation of any research protocol & any other invasive/high risk procedures/ treatment.
  • To be informed of the process on how to voice a complaint to express concerns, violation of your rights and/or a grievance.
  • To access your clinical records and health information.
  • To be informed and educated on care plan, progress and healthcare needs and participate in care and treatment decisions.
  • To know the identity and professional status of individuals providing service to you.
  • To be fully informed of the expected cost of the treatment.
  • To know the Hospital's rules and regulations.
Patient Responsibilities:
  • To provide correct and complete demographic information including full name, age, address, telephone number and e-mail ID, particulars of next-of-kin and insurance company/TPA/employer.
  • To provide complete and accurate information about your health, including your past medical history, details of medications, past investigations and other medical condition.
  • To actively participate in your treatment plan and follow the same, and to keep your doctors and nurses informed of the effectiveness of your treatment.
  • To keep any scheduled appointments and inform the hospital if any appointment needs to be rescheduled or cancelled.
  • To respect the rights of other patients, visitors and hospital staff and treat them with courtesy and dignity.
  • To abide by the hospital rules and safety regulations; be considerate of noise levels, comply with - the visitors policy; no weapons in hospital premises policy.
  • To avoid bringing valuables to the hospital and assume equal responsibility of safety of personal belongings.
  • To adhere to No- smoking/ chewing tobacco/consuming alcohol in the hospital premises.
  • To provide complete and accurate information to insurance company to process insurance claims.
  • To assure that the financial obligations of one's health care are fulfilled as promptly as possible.
  • To respect that patients requiring emergency care can take priority.
  • To be respectful of the property of other persons and of the hospital.
  • To accept the measures taken by the hospital to ensure personal privacy and confidentiality of medical records.
  • To communicate with the healthcare staff if the condition worsens or does not follow expected course of treatment.
  • To understand all instructions before signing the consent forms.
  • To understand the charter of 'Patient Rights' and seek clarifications, if any.
Please call our Patient Relationship Manager to give your feedback or complaints: 93240 01144 or email to rfh.ceo@rfhospital.org



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