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Genetic Counselling

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Medical conditions that run in families are known as genetic conditions or hereditary conditions. Genetic counselling is a process by which a genetic counsellor provides information and support to individuals and families with a genetic condition. A genetic counsellor assesses the risk of an inherited condition by looking at a detailed medical and family history. If the individual or a family member is at risk of a genetic condition, the genetic counsellor helps them understand the genetic basis of the condition, the genetic testing options, and appropriate management for those affected with condition. A genetic counsellor helps people weigh options and make an informed decision that in their and their families best.

Genetic disorders can affect any body system and any age group. The aim of our genetic counselling clinic is to help those affected by, or at risk of, a genetic disorder to live and reproduce as normally as possible. Genetic disorders include; Hereditary cancers; hereditary cardiac conditions; chromosomal abnormalities, which cause birth defects, intellectual disability and/or reproductive problems; Single gene disorders such as thalassemia, muscular dystrophy, Huntington's disease and sickle cell disease and Birth defects with a genetic component such as neural tube defects and cleft lip and palate.

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