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The Inpatient Admission will be initiated upon recommendation by consultant empanelled with RFH. Whenever a patient would be referred from any external physician not empanelled with us for admission, the patient will be first evaluated by the Emergency Medical Services team, and after consultation, the patient will be admitted

  • Registration

    Pre Admission

    • Please take the estimate for your surgery / treatment from our Estimate Desk located at Admission Hub (Heritage Building- 022-35475549/ 022-35475548) at least 3 -5 days prior to expected admission date.
    • Kindly complete the insurance formalities to obtain pre-approval in-case you wish to utilise your insurance policy for admission. Kindly check with our TPA desk on 022-35475552 or rfh.tpa@rfhospital.org for eligibility.
    • Please ensure to complete the list of pre-admission tests prescribed by your doctor prior to the admission date.
    • Please have an attendant to accompany you till discharge.
    • Mandatory Covid test (RT-PCR) is to be done 24hrs to admission. Mandatory Covid test (RT-PCR) to be done for 1 accompanying attendant. (24 hrs prior admission)
    • Mandatory *Covid test (RTPCR) for attendant.
    • Reservation does not confirm the bed of your choice. While all efforts will be made to give bed/class of choice, this may not be always possible and will entirely depend upon availability during admission
    • Admission timings will be informed as per bed availability. Although complete care is taken to allot you bed at the assured time, kindly bear with us in unforeseen circumstances.
    • COVID Report validity is 8 hours from sample collection.

    What to carry

    • Doctor’s clinical / admission note (if available)
    • Your medical file and reports
    • Copy of Aadhar, PAN
    • Cancelled cheque (for refund post discharge, if applicable)
    • Insurance Authorization (if you have received one)
    • Original Authorization note from your company ( if you are a corporate empanelled patient)

    Modes of payment

    • Online payment https://epayments.rfhospital.org/
    • Credit Card/ Debit Card
    • Demand Draft in favour of “Sir H N Hospital Trust”, payable at Mumbai.
    • Cash (upto Rs. 1,99,000/- only)
    • Admission deposit is equivalent to the estimate attached. You are requested to pay 100% of the estimate amount prior to or on admission.
    • Bank details for RTGS/ NEFT
    Beneficiary Name Sir H.N. Hospital Trust
    A/c No: 000401185967
    IFSC Code: ICIC0003611
    Bank Name: ICICI Bank
    Branch Name: Sir H N Hospital Branch
    MICR Code (Savings A/c): 400229002
    Swift Code for international payments : ICICINBBXXX

    Insurance Documentation (if applicable)

      • Insurance Form (duly filled by patient, doctor)
      • Valid TPA card/ Policy copy (3 yrs)
      • Corporate ID Card
      • Relevant medical documents
      • Clinical note / Admission note
      • Cancelled cheque (for refund post discharge, if applicable)
      • Insurance Authorization (if you have received one)
      • Original Authorization note from Corporate ( if your are a corporate patient)
      • Please complete your insurance formalities 48hrs prior to admission. Incase of partial approval from your insurance, 50% of the difference is payable on admission.
      • Please submit original credit letter within 24hrs of admission.
      • In absence of Original credit letter, patient will be liable for the final bill payment.
      • Non-medical items (as specified in the MOU), are payable by patient.
      • For any further assistance, you may reach us on any of the below contact details:

    Toll Free Number: 1800-221-166, Admission desk: 022-35475551/ 8169664203 (7am to 9 pm)

    Post Admission Assistance

    The hospital has Floor Co-ordinators stationed at every floor (9:30am-6pm) to assist your patient and yourself and ensure you have a comfortable stay.

    Please get in touch with our Floor Co-oridinators for assistance on:

    • Insurance documentation
    • Bed Transfers
    • Discharge co-ordination
    • Billing queries
    • Any other service related issues

    Guidelines for Attendants

      • In view of patient and your safety, we request only one attendant to stay with patient in ward, till discharge. Attendant will be screened for covid, as per prevailing policy.In-case your patient is shifted to ICU, you are requested to vacate the room and the authorised attendant will be allowed to visit the patient during visiting hours with N95 mask.
      • ICU Visiting Timings:
      • *13th Floor ICU – Between 11:00 A.M. to 12 noon & *14th Floor ICU – Between 12 noon to 1:00 P.M.
      • Ward Visiting Timings:
      • *Between 05:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M
      • The ICU clinical team will provide a daily clinical update to the registered attendant at fixed time. Please discuss the same with the ICU Co-ordinator.
      • For attendant’s convenience in the ward, we provide an all-day attendant meal package at affordable rates, with 4 meals delivered in the room (breakfast, lunch, evening snack, dinner service). You can place your request with our FnB staff.

    Other Instructions

      • You can access to all your health records, reports and latest health updates on the JioHealthHub app.
      • Physical copies of your reports pending during discharge, will be emailed to you or couriered as per your preference. Please do discuss with our Patient experience staff deployed on the floor.
      • Please do not carry the following:

    a. Jewellery & valuable items or large amounts of cash

    b. Blankets & Sheets

    c. Eatables

    • Consumption of alcohol, smoking, chewing gum and spitting are strictly prohibited.
    • We take pride in serving you. Giving tips is disrespectful to our values and prohibited.



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