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The Neonatology department at Sir H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre is a committed to newborn care. Our team of well qualified Neonatologist, round-the-clock Neonatal Intensivists and specially trained Neonatology Nurses strive hard to provide the best treatment to all neonates.

We believe that neonatal care should start from fetal life. For those high risk babies going to be delivered in our hospital, we have interactive discussions with the team of obstetricians to prepare for the arrival of the baby. Our neonatology services are also available for babies delivered outside and referred to our hospital.

Technology & Infrastructure

Sir H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital And Research Centre Building

At Sir H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre, the entire 12th floor is dedicated exclusively to Maternity and Newborn Care.

Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is a state-of-the-art 9 bedded, well-equipped, tertiary care unit for high risk neonates. For those newborns who are not critically ill but require special care, we have another 9 bedded Special Care Newborn Unit (SCBU). Both NICU and SCBU are well staffed by doctors and nurses specially trained in neonatal care.

We have ultra-modern neonatal incubators including transport incubators, invasive and non-invasive ventilators, high frequency ventilator, phototherapy units, bili-blankets, multipara monitors, invasive blood pressure monitors, etc.



The department caters to the management of :

  • Complicated cases of Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Pneumonias and Meconium Aspiration
  • Birth Asphyxia and therapeutic hypothermia
  • Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension
  • Congenital heart disease and other surgical emergencies
  • Neonatal seizures, jaundice, haematological and metabolic conditions
  • Care of the extremely premature and low birth weight babies.

The services offered include :

  • Neonatal ventilation
  • Surfactant administration
  • CPAP Care
  • Phototherapy
  • Exchange transfusion
  • Invasive blood pressure monitoring
  • Therapeutic neonatal hypothermia
  • Lactation management
  • Kangaroo Mother Care.


Partners in care

Dr. Rahul Verma

Dr. Rahul Verma
Neonatology & General Paediatrics
Call us Call us on 022-61305000



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