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Electron Microscopy

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Role of electron microscopy

The crucial role that electron microscopy plays in diagnostic renal pathology is undisputed as the ultrastructural examination of kidney biopsies allows recognition of certain critical findings not detected by light microscopy. In many situations it provides additional important data (in addition to the diagnosis) necessary for proper treatment of the diseases. The percentage of cases in which electron microscopic examination adds important information is in approximately 45% of the cases. Till a few years ago the role of electron microscopy in the examination of renal transplant biopsies was limited to pure glomerular disease. It has now come to light that the earliest changes of rejection may only be detected by electron microscopy, hence renal biopsies suspected to have rejection need also be subjected for ultrastructural examination (as part of standard operating procedure for transplant renal biopsy).


Department of Renal Pathology & Electron Microscopy

  • Providing & maintaining highest standards of quality and promptness of service are the key features of our practice.
  • Each renal biopsy is examined at multiple serial levels and supplemented with a battery of routine & special stains.
  • A panel of ancillary techniques & markers is employed upfront for optimal diagnosis at no additional cost.
  • This centre is amongst the very few in India to offer all the diagnostic modalities for renal biopsies (light microscopy, direct immunofluorescence (DIF), Immunoperoxidase staining for Membranous Glomerulonephritis, Amyloidosis etc and Electron Microscopy) under one roof.
  • Our Laboratory has capability to perform Transmission Electron Microscopy on tissue retrieved from paraffin block prepared for routine histopathology studies. This technique enables ultrastructural analysis in cases where fresh tissue is either not available or cannot be procured.
  • We provide referral services and facility of specialized tests for wide spectrum of renal diseases.
  • In case urgent reporting is required for transplant biopsies it is possible to do so in 24 hours after receipt of the sample.


Service Code Service Description TAT
LAB-HIS032 Immunofluorescence Single Marker 2-4 Days
LAB-HIS015 Kidney Biopsy IFA 2-4 Days
LAB-HIS028 Electron Microscopy 7-10 Days
LAB-HIS014 IHC Single Antibody 2-4 Days
LAB-HIS017 Light Microscopy – Kidney Biopsy 2-4 Days




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