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Precision Oncology

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  1. Clinical Data

  2. Precision Oncology

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What is Precision Oncology?

precision medicine is the next generation of healthcare research that has the potential to provide significant benefits to patients and affect strategic shifts in the way healthcare is delivered. it uses an individual's genetic profile to guide decisions about the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease.

“Each cancer patient deserves Right Testing & Right Treatment at The Right Time!”
“Each cancer patient deserves Personalized Cancer Treatment that is specific to their cancer!”

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Clinical Data Gathering:

A detailed history will be taken by the Precision Team and includes a consultation with Dr Sewanti Limaye for an in-depth understanding of the case. All available investigations will be reviewed, including any previously available genomic data, histopathology, scans and other investigations.

Precision Oncology Consultation:

After the detailed history taking by the precision team a consultation with Dr Sewanti Limaye is undertaken, to thoroughly understand the patient case and for expert evaluation.

Genomic Evaluation:

We will evaluate and analyse genomic tests that were already performed or advise to conduct comprehensive genomic tests of the tumour tissue or patient’s blood or saliva to look for biomarkers in the tumour sample or the patient for the development of enhanced patient treatment strategies for improved outcomes.

A detailed genomic analysis with hands on genomic data curation will also be done by the precision team. This is mainly the identification and comparison of the genomic features such as DNA sequence, structural variation, gene expression, or regulatory and functional element annotation at a genomic scale which helps identify the specific tumour mutation which provides personalised treatment to the patient.

Molecular Tumour Board:

A Molecular Tumour Board is a dedicated group of medical experts such as Medical Oncologists, Pathologists and Molecular Oncologists that come together in a Board Meeting to present clinical, pathological and molecular data of a case to help identify novel therapeutic strategies for personalised treatment plan recommendations.


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Final Recommendations:

Although standard of care guidelines are specific to the cancer type and may involve different modalities of cancer treatment like surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy as single modality or in combination, understanding the unique biology of each tumour has become integral to cancer care. Keeping in mind the tumour type and the standard of care guidelines, biomarker specific, personalised treatment recommendations would be developed after an in-depth and comprehensive case review with a Personalised Precision Approach.

Partners in care

Dr. Sewanti Limaye

Dr. Sewanti Limaye
Medical Oncology
MBBS, MD (New York University, USA), MS (Columbia University, NY, USA)
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