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Sir H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre

  • Before the Visit

    • A personal Patient Experience Manager who assists you with your appointment scheduling and concierge needs.
    • Obtain Medical records.
    • Discussion with the admitting doctor at RELIANCE FOUNDATION HOSPITAL and referral physician.
    • Obtain plan of treatment and duration of stay and follow-up.
    • Gather documents to bring to your doctor’s visit.
    • Copies of any tests, x-rays, or medical histories relating to your medical problem.
    • Completed medical history questionnaire.
    • A list of all current medications taken on a regular basis, including over-the-counter and herbal medications.
    • Review any special directions from your doctor about diet or medication restrictions prior to your appointment.
    • Schedule medical appointments.
    • Confirm airline reservations.
    • Confirm Visa requirements and arrange the same.
    • Arrange hotel or housing in Mumbai.
    • Provide ground transportation from the airport.
    • Secure car rental for your stay.
    • Estimate cost of healthcare.
    • Assist with financial and billing arrangements.

    During the Visit

    • Provide a Patient Service Coordinator to schedule medical appointments.
    • Provide an interpreter for language assistance.
    • Assist with hospital admissions and follow-up medical visits.
    • Ensure patients understand instructions from physicians.
    • Provide information on local activities for your family.
    • Update estimates of cost of services.
    • Assist with finances and billing

    After the Visit

    • Help obtain copies of medical reports/films after consultations are completed.
    • Assist with prescription requests.
    • Facilitate communication with physicians.
    • Assist with finances and billing.
    • Facilitate follow-up care



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