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International Academy of Pathology

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Dr. Seena George - General guidelines for Intra - operative Consultation
Dr. Vijay Haribhakti - Surgeon's expectations during Head & Neck cancer surgery
Dr. Sunil Pasricha - Head & Neck Frozen Sections-Pearls & Pitfalls
Dr. Shubhada Kane - Slippery issues in Frozen Tissues
Dr. Anil D'Cruz - Frozen Section Analysis of Thyroid Nodule-Boon
Dr. Kirti Chadha - Frozen Section Analysis of Thyroid Nodule- Bane
Dr. Shubhada Kane - Debate on Frozen section analysis in thyroid-An overview
Dr. Sunil Pasricha - Intra-operative Frozen Section in Thoracic Pathology- Clinical Utility & Practical issues
Slide Seminar - Dr.Roshan Chinoy
Slide Seminar - Dr. Kanchan Kothari
Slide Seminar - Dr.Purwa Patil
Slide Seminar - Dr.Vivek Kharolkar
Slide Seminar - Dr.Indu R.Nair
Slide Seminar - Dr. Asha Mary George
Slide Seminar - Dr.Toshi Mishra
Slide Seminar - Dr.Toshi Mishra
Slide Seminar - Dr.Preesha Balan
Dr. Meher Ursekar Correlation of Radiological Patterns of CNS SOL’s, during Intra-Operative diagnosis
Dr. Asha Shenoy - Intra-operative Squash Cytology of CNS lesions-Diagnostic Utility
Dr. Asha Shenoy - Pertinent Points to ponder-Intra-operative assessment of CNS lesions-Multidisciplinary Panel Discussion
Dr. Amita Maheshwari - Requirement of Intra-Operative Consultation during Gynaecological Oncosurgery
Dr. Meenal Hastak - In the twilight zone of Frozen Sections in Gynaecologic Pathology
Dr Santosh Menon -Has the Sun set on Frozen Sections in Urological and Male genital tract lesions
Dr. Anita Bhaduri - Relevance of Intra-operative margin evaluation in Breast surgery
Dr. Indu Arun - Diagnostic Approach to Intra-operative Assessment of Axillary Sentinel nodes
Dr. Anita Bhaduri - Intraoperative evaluation of Breast lesions -Wish I knew then, what I know now Multidisciplinary Panel Discussion
Dr. Pragati Sathe - The Hirschsprung Hunt
Dr. Soumil Vyas - Intra-operative Consultation during GI and Hepatobiliary Surgery
Dr. Chandralekha Tampi - Practical Issues in Intraoperative GI Consultation
Dr. Dheeraj Gautam - Predictive value of Frozen Section analysis before Organ Transplant

Please mail the Transaction ID / UTR Number with scanned copy of your complete registration form to rfh.iapidcme2018@rfhospital.org and mark cc to Hitendra.gandhi@rfhospital.org keeping the mail subject as "XXI Annual IAP - ID CME 2018"
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  • Bank Name: ICICI Bank, HNH Branch
  • Account Name: Sir H. N. Hospital Trust
  • Savings Bank A/C No.: 000401185967
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Academic Committee:
Dr. Anjana Hosangadi - 9004017970
Dr. Seena George - 9869438806
Dr. Preesha Balan - 9819004235
Registration and Hospitality Committee:
Ms. Shalini Rai - 9769723556
Ms. Vrushti Pandya - 9969985018