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Sports Performance Testing

` 6500/- *

As an active person be it recreational fitness or elite sports, you may often want to know more objective data to meet your fitness or performance goals than the basic information. This test package caters to this need.

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1. Musculoskeletal Screening
2. Muscle Endurance Testing
3. Muscle Strength Testing
4. Cardiovascular Endurance testing (Estimated VO2max)
5. Isokinetic dynamometry
Why do a fitness test?

  • To objectively know your fitness status
  • To collect data to prescribe meaningful exercise interventions to meet your goals
  • To know the baseline to measure progress against
  • As a motivational tool
  • As an educational tool
  • Some components of fitness have been shown to be associated with health benefits and a deficiency in them may be a potential health risk identifier when interpreted correctly*

Who can do it?

Whether you are an athlete, a recreational runner or someone looking to start an exercise routine, we have the fitness test to suit your need. We provide a variety of testing packages listed below. If you would like any other component assessed besides those mentioned below, we will be happy to advise on the same.

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*All prices are indicative and subject to change without prior intimation.
Kindly call our toll free number 1-800-221-166 & verify the tariff before availing the services.



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