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It gives me great pleasure to bring this first News Letter of Sir H.N Reliance Foundation Hospital. The main aim of this News Letter is to make all of us, working in the hospital, aware of the excellent clinical and patient care work being done.

We are proud to announce that we have achieved NABH Accreditation for the Hospital as well as Accreditation for Blood Bank. We would also like to make you all aware of the New Services being introduced and Clinical mile stones achieved. There are many achievements due to the hard work and initiatives taken by some individuals and this newsletter will highlight these achievements.

There are number of new initiatives that have been taken, the benefits of which are already visible. Just to highlight, these are some initiatives which will benefit our patients:

  • Parking is now available to all patients & Guests
  • 19th Floor: Premium Floor Premium Paying Patients
  • 17th Floor: Rs.5,000 SGL Room for corporate clients
  • Home Care Services have been initiated with Nursing, Sample Collection, Doctor Visit and Physiotherapy.
  • New set of Full Time & Visiting doctors have joined the team.
  • Insurance, Corporate Patients and International Patients tie ups.
  • Clinical Meetings every month
  • Community Health Awareness Activities
  • Reliance Foundation’s Outreach-3 Static Medical Units & 5 Mobile Medical Units are now integrated with RFH which will help us to save the underprivileged.
  • Discount for poor patients

We have also introduced following new medical services:

  • Kidney Transplant - Both Open and Robotic
  • Bone Marrow Transplant [BMT] for Paediatric & Adult Hemato-Oncology patients;
  • Nocturnal Dialysis (Dialysis Carried out at Night)
  • Geriatric Clinics (For senior citizens above 65 years of Age)
  • Solution @ 40… Menopause & More (For 40 years & above Women)

One of the important & useful initiative the Hospital has taken is the “Digital Push”. I encourage you all to download our Mobile application and start using this for your own medical records. Please also recommend it to your friends and family. The Digital Push encompasses multiple initiatives including:

  • Digitization of Medical Records
  • Web Bookings
  • Web Payments
  • Integration with JIO

We are also happy to announce introduction of “Employee Medical Treatment Discount” Policy.

This newsletter will be edited by a Committee lead by Dr (Mrs) Rekha Daver, Head of Medical Education & Academics along with Dr. Aashish Contractor, Dr. Vaibhav Bagaria, Ms. Shrabani Basu and Mr. Vijay Gupta.




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