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Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital starts night Dialysis to help patients save on work hours

Patients undergoing Dialysis have always been worried about missing work (office day). In order to solve this issue, Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital has started a nocturnal Dialysis center for Dialysis patients.

Currently, five patients are on night Dialysis at the hospital. "All five patients had major concern about skipping about three days a week for Dialysis. When we gave them the alternative of night dialysis, they were more than happy as their routine work life remained unaffected," said Dr Rushi Deshpande, consultant nephrologist, Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital.

Nocturnal Dialysis is a slower, longer hemodialysis treatment that takes place at night, while the patient sleeps. As compared to normal dialysis, which includes 8-10 hours a week, the total duration of dialysis in nocturnal dialysis increases by 12-24 hours.

"As a result, there is an additional clearance of toxins from the body and patients feel better. Removal of toxins helps in reducing stress on other organs of the body, especially the heart in the long run," said Dr Deshpande.

Hemachandra Patel, 74, a patient who has been taking dialysis for the past two years, said: "It is helping me to plan my schedule in a better way. By taking night Dialysis, I am free to plan my day without thinking that I have to go spend my time twice a week for Dialysis."

Speaking about the importance of night Dialysis, Dr Tarang Gianchandani, CEO of the hospital, said: "Nocturnal dialysis is cost effective and also known to improve the quality of life of patients. It also allows the patient to continue his/ her treatment without taking a day off for Dialysis. This minimises economic loss to the patient as an employee as well as his/ her employer."

Explaining the medical benefits of nocturnal Dialysis, Dr Hemal Shah, consultant nephrologist, said: "The water, salt and other dietary restrictions that otherwise apply to an end-stage kidney patient on day dialysis, doesn't apply to patients on nocturnal dialysis."

Benefits of nocturnal dialysis

  • Better appetite
  • Improved fluid (extra water) removal
  • Maintains blood pressure during the process
  • Reduction in need of medicine
  • Lesser cramps during the process
  • Improved daytime activities
  • Improved quality of life
  • Improved patient survival on Dialysis



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