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Dental Symposium

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International Speaker:

Dr. Shankar Iyer DDS MDS, USA
President-Elect, American Academy of Implant Dentistry
Clinical Assistant Professor, Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, New Jersey, USA
President, Smile USA (Center for Reconstructive Dentistry & Educational Excellence)
Recipient of “America’s Top Prosthodontists” Award.

Clinical Director of Academic Affairs:

Dr. Gauri Merchant, BDS, MDS, MHA
Mentor & Consultant, Department of Dental Services,
Sir H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital & Research Centre.

Convenor of Academic Affairs:

Dr. Sabita Ram, BDS, MDS
Dean, Professor & Head of Prosthodontics,
MGM Dental College & Hospital.

Panel: Dr. Manoj Mashru, Dr. Vijay Haribhakti, Dr. Chintamani Kelkar, Dr. H.R. Umarji, Dr. Preeti Chhabria, Dr. Rajiv Desai, Dr. Smita Nagaonkar

Organizers: Dr. Ankit Mashru, Dr. Bhagyashree Thakur, Dr. Krupali Parekh, Dr. Mrigaja Garge

Course Outline

Patients are living longer and are able to manage their medical conditions with medications and drugs to overcome the debilitating effects. It has been recognized that the mouth is the gateway to the body and several studies have impressed the oro-facial connection to the systemic diseases. Nevertheless physicians are unaware of some of the dental conditions of their patients and prescribe drugs that produce catastrophic changes in the dental condition. On the other hand dentists are faced with the dilemma of handling medically complex patients for comprehensive rehabilitation. While the exact mechanisms of these influences are not well understood there is a general aversion towards comprehensive care due to the patient's compromised status.

This Symposium will hence focus on providing a comprehensive & holistic approach towards patient care, incorporating the importance of inter-disciplinary patient care & inter professional education.

Course Objectives :

  • How dentists should be aware of the medical conditions of their patients who are receiving several medications and how to provide a systematic approach to treating these patients.
  • What physicians need to know about dental effects of their management of the medically complex patients?
  • How physicians need to manage the dental influence of the systemic conditions they are treating.
  • What irreversible conditions the physicians need to know about, that result from this management.
  • How to approach patient care with an eye to provide holistic & comprehensive treatments.
  • How interdisciplinary approaches between physician & dentist can be optimized for expert patient care.