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Internal Medicine

Dr. Ajay H. Kantharia
Internal Medicine
Critical Care
MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine)
Rich experience of more than 29 years in the field of Internal Medicine

Besides clinical experience, Dr Kantharia has a rich teaching experience. He has been a guest lecturer at Jamshedji Tata Ambulance College during 1983; Hon Asst Lecturer in Jamshedji Tata Ambulance College for its Specialist Instructors course in “First Aide to the Injured and Home Nursing during 1984.

He has been teaching undergraduate students nurses during the post of registrar; he has been regularly taking teaching sessions for Family Physicians on subjects like diabetes cardiology and ECG etc; He has been a teacher in Critical Care at Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine, Indo Australian Critical Care Foundation and an examiner in Critical Care for the same.

He was appointed Teacher in Critical Care Medicine for FNB, India in 2016. He has been an invited faculty in numerous conferences and many papers to his credit specifically on Emergencies in Medical Practice.