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Dr. Shweta Bansal
Head - Paediatric Heamato Oncology & Paediatric BMT
Medical Oncology
MBBS, DNB Pediatrics
PHO- BMT fellowship (NUH, Singapore), ECMO (European Certified Medical Oncologist ), Clinical Research Fellowship in TMH, Mumbai, IOP Fellowship at St Jude Children’s Hospital

Professional Diploma:  PDCR (Professional Diploma in Clinical Research), Professional certification in principles and practice of CART cell and Gene therapy ( Singapore)


20 years

Dr. Shweta Bansal is a renowned Consultant Paediatric Haemato-Oncologist. She has been nominated as the best hematologist by India today survey 2021 and Outlook health survey for TOP Doctors 2022.

Training/ Experience: She did her specialist training at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and then at Tata Memorial Hospital, India followed by bone marrow transplant training at National University Hospital, Singapore. She also did IOP fellowship from St Jude Children`s Hospital, USA. She has worked as an advisor for BMT services followed by an honorary consultant in LTMGH Sion Hospital in the Department of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology.


Special interests:

Bone Marrow Transplants/ Stem Cell Transplants: She was among a few transplant physicians in India who have done immunologically advanced bone marrow transplants like CD45 RA depleted. She has excellent results and vast experience in the transplants of patients with thalassemia, Diamond blackfan anemia, aplastic anemia, inherited bone marrow failure syndromes and leukemias,

Neuroblastoma: She is again among a few doctors in India who have successfully used and has experience in using anti-GD2 therapy for patients with neuroblastoma, She even has performed haploidentical transplant in relapsed refractory neuroblastoma.

Leukemia: She treats all kinds of pediatric leukemias. She has excellent results in childhood leukemia and is considered an authority in treating these leukemias in the country. She received the best paper award at the St. Jude Viva conference, in Singapore in 2010 For eliminating cranial radiation from the Childhood Leukemia protocol and showing excellent results by treating it with chemotherapy alone. She also received the prestigious Fellowship award at SIOP Berlin 2008 for presenting an oral paper on the role of metronomic therapy in Acute Promyelocytic Leukaemia.

She also treats patients with solid tumors like Wilms, sarcomas, hepatoblastoma, and other conditions like LCH (Langerhans cell histiocytosis) and rare pediatric tumors.


Positions held :

  1. Treasurer/ Jt treasurer Executive member: Pediatric Hemato-Oncology Chapter of IAP ( 2014 – 2018 and then 2021- Present)
  2. Editor in Chief: South Asian Journal Of Cancer, PubMed Indexed ( 2014-2016)
  3. Executive member: Marrow Donor Registry of India (2010-Present)
  4. Editor: Newsletter, Marrow Donor Registry Of India (2010-2011)
  5. National Advisory Board Member, Indian Journal of Medical and Pediatric Oncology (2019- present)
  6. Asian Childhood Cancer Alliance member
  7. Viva Asia BMT Member
  8. Ethics Committee member of NIIH
  9. Core committee member of the Asian Society of histiocytic disorders

Teaching experience:

  1. DNB coordinator from Pediatrics / HOD for family medicine/thesis guide (The year 2016-2019)
  2. MUHS PG teacher – for Ped hematology and oncology fellowship (Year 2019)


Awards/ felicitations / Achievements  

  1. She has bagged many best paper awards at national and international conferences
  2. Was invited as guest editor for the CML edition of IJMPO journal which presented 8000 patients of CML from all over India
  3. Has been instrumental in establishing the BMT units at both private and Public ( LTMGH Sion) hospitals, and both are running the transplants services successfully
  4. Performed the first immunologically advanced bone marrow transplant CD45 RA depleted in India with success and one of the first few pediatric oncologists to start immunotherapy for pediatric cancer patients in India (Anti GD2 therapy for neuroblastoma)
  5. Felicitated by the Society of Oncology, Patna in 2010 for work in the field of Pediatric Oncology.
  6. She has also worked tremendously in bleeding disorders, hemoglobinopathies like thalassemia, sickle cell disease, ITP, and primary immunodeficiency.


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