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Hair Transplant

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  • What is a hair transplant?

    Hair Transplant is a surgical procedure which covers the bald areas of the scalp by patient’s own hair. In this surgery, hair follicles are taken out from the back of the scalp, or beard and planted in the bald areas of the scalp. Slowly, these roots sprout new and naturally growing hair. It is a minimally invasive day care procedure but need to be done in sterile set up.

    Does a hair transplant hurt during or after the procedure?

    Hair transplant is done under local anaesthesia. Needle prick pain gives very mild discomfort. Patient is allowed to take breaks in between the procedure and analgesic injections are given to reduce overall pain.

    Does hair transplant leave scar?

    It leaves a minor scar and, if the surgery is done properly, that is not visible to the naked eye. The procedure is safe and result-oriented under experienced hands with good technology/infrastructure.

    What is FUE hair transplant treatment? Is it permanent?

    FUE is the most popular hair transplant technique. It stands for Follicular unit extraction. Individual unit is harvested from back of scalp and implanted in frontal bald area. Patient has to apply Topical minoxidil for longer period. Results are long lasting depending upon the compliance of patient.

    How many sessions are required for a hair transplant procedure?

    Usually one or two sessions are required to cover bald area. A typical session of approximately 2000 hair covers frontal and temporal area. Second session can be done according to need such as thicker density or vertex baldness.

    Does a hair transplant have any side effects?

    It is a fairly safe procedure. Minor complications like swelling around eyes and mild pain might be there in the first week.

    For how many days does one need to be away from work? Is it safe to go outside immediately after the treatment?

    Patient goes home on the day of procedure. It is mandatory that patient stay away from work for at least two days, as the wounds are fresh and head has to be covered by a surgical cap. After three days, a normal cap might be used and the person could resume office. Work from home is possible from the next day itself. It is best to stay indoors for two days after the transplant.

    Does medical treatment play any role?

    Topical minoxidil once a day helps in maintaining hair growth and preventing further hair fall. Tab finasteride 1 mg does not cause any side effect. Both drugs can be used for longer time without any side effects.



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