17.25 – 17.30 Dr. Gustad Daver Inauguration
17.30 – 17.50 Dr. Lucci 1. Circulating tumor cells in breast cancer
2. Lumpectomy: A suture scaffold technique to repair defects
17.50 – 18.10 Dr. Vijay Haribhakti Strategies for improving esthetic outcomes following surgery for breast cancer
18.10 – 18.30 Dr. Lucci Management of the axillary nodes in breast cancer
18.30 – 18.45 Dr. Anita Bhaduri The Critical role of the Pathologist in the modern management of Breast Cancer
18.45 – 19.05 Dr. Vani Parmar Current concepts in breast cancer management: an Indian perspective
19.05 – 19.25 Dr. Goravanchi Paravertebral block for breast surgery
19.25 – 19.45 Dr. Maheboob Basade Systemic Chemotherapy for breast cancer: Current controversies and guidelines.
19.45 – 20.00 Dr. Ian Pinto A new world of targeted therapies for breast cancer
20.00 – 20.15 Dr. Jhingran Current role of EBRT in breast cancer
20.15- 20.30 Dr. Prasad Raj Dandekar Role of 4D radiotherapy and Brachytherapy in Breast cancer
20.30 – 21.15 Panel discussion Moderator: Dr. Vinay Deshmane Panelists: Dr. S H Advani,
Dr. Raman Deshpande,
Dr. Rajiv Sarin, Dr. Bijal Jankharia, Dr. Roshani Chinoy, Dr. Lucci, Dr. Vani Parmar,
Dr. V Rangarajan
21.15 onwards Dr. Prasad Raj Dandekar Dinner and informal discussion