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Head & Neck Radiation Oncology

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Bone Marrow Transplant


11:30 am - 12:30 pm Demonstration of Surface Guided Radiotherapy set up in Radiation Oncology Department  
12:30 pm – 1:20 pm LUNCH  
1:20 pm – 1:30 pm Inauguration and Welcome speech Dr. Tarang Gianchandani
Dr. Vijay Haribhakti
1:30 pm – 1:50 pm Complexities of Head and Neck Imaging Dr. Abhishek Mahajan
1:50 pm – 2:10 pm Challenges and prospects of adaptive radiotherapy in Head and Neck cancer Dr. Trinanjan Basu
2:10 pm – 2:30 pm Dysphagia optimized Radiotherapy Dr.Naveen Mummudi
2:30 pm – 2:50 pm Guidelines on Re-Irradiation and fractionation regimen in recurrent Head neck cancer Dr. Sarbani Ghosh Laskar
2:50 pm – 3:10 pm Brachytherapy in De-Novo and Recurrent Head Neck cancers Dr. Ashwini Budrukkar
3:10 pm – 3:50 pm PANEL DISCUSSION Dr. Prasad Raj Dandekar
Panelist- Dr. Sapna Nangia, Dr. Vashisht Maniar, Dr. Ranjeet Bajpai, Dr. Nikhil Kalyani, Dr. Sarbani Ghosh Laskar, Dr. Supreeta Arya
3:50 pm – 4:20 pm HIGH TEA  
4:20 pm – 4:40 pm Evidence based management of Radiation Toxicities Dr. Indranil Mallick
4:40 pm – 5:00 pm Role of Targeted therapy with radical radiotherapy for HNC Dr. Pritam Kataria
5:00 pm – 5:20 pm HPV positive Head and neck cancers: Can we de-escalate radiotherapy Dr. Nikhil Kalyani
5:20 pm – 5:40 pm Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning: An emerging technology in Radiation Oncology Dr. Prasad Raj Dandekar
5:40 pm – 6:00 pm Proton beam therapy-Specific indications and advantages over photon beam therapy Dr. Sapna Nangia
6:00 pm – 6:40 pm PANEL DISCUSSION Dr. Indranil Mallick
Panelist- Dr. Mohan Menon, Dr. Prasad Raj Dandekar, Dr. Sapna Nangia, Dr. Upasna Saxena, Dr. Manish Chandra, Dr.Naseem Shaikh
7:00 pm Onwards DINNER  
Registration is complimentary,pre-registration is requested
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